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Who am I?

Hello, I’m Noah I’m currently a Steam student in my school! I had applied for Steam and got into Steam around last year around early May and late June. I had joined steam as it had the things that I found interesting and what got my interest in, they had a lot of things I found amazing and awesome to learn, some of them are the speakers that come in almost every week, and the fun and amazing projects and field trips we get to go on almost every week as well. I find that the teachers are very nice and welcoming and will always help you incase your stuck on something, and they create really fun projects to do with the class. I currently am wanting to play Hockey and Baseball, but saving up for the gear, although the main reason is cause my Dad had played Hockey and he was really good as a Goalie, although he was in a good league as well. Pretty much all my Family is Portuguese and Canadian, for both sides of my family, I also have cute dog named Briggs!

And that’s who I am. ūüėĀ


Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon (Live At The Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MO/1965) – YouTube – Frank Sinatra Fly me to the moon.

La vie en rose – Louis Armstrong – YouTube – Louis Armstrong La Vie en rose.

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Who am I?
Hi I’m Noah, I’m currently 14 and 5,3. I’m just a regular student that likes to create and explore things and try out news things. I’m currently wanting to be a Commercial Pilot for Air Canada, I do realize it can take a lot of time and patience but I’m willing to wait as long as possible to get my dream job. Everyone I have met throughout my life has been a amazing experience, and I’m very thankful for my freinds that I have and always giving me a laugh and a good time at school. I currently¬† like many genres of music, but my most favorite is Jazz, Jazz is something that is very calming and just amazing to listen to, I always listen to it during bath’s falling asleep and many more, my current favorite jazz artists is Devin Martin, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong and many more.

What is important to me?

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What does steam mean to me:

My understanding of STEAM, is that you can try new things and learn new things that can help further in life, and can be really fun to try out new hobbies and learn new machines or stuff. The main slang of STEAM Means, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, although steam can help and make you learn new stuff, like learning how to use blender to make cool stuff that you can show off to people.

Why I chose to explore STEAM:
I chose to explore and try out STEAM, as I found it has a lot of interests that I liked and all the extra perks and bonuses that I found very interesting and potentially fun to try out. I have made a lot of things since I have been in STEAM, and I found it really cool to make stuff, but when I was in Grade 8 and saw the chance to be able to join STEAM, I immediately took the application, because STEAM is something where you can explore and try new hobbies to explore your learning opacity and mindset, which is the main reason why I had joined STEAM because of the same interests they had with mine.

I.S.S/Proposal form & Title:

Yeast’s Leavening effect in micro gravity:

Proposal Summary:  

Our summary of the Yeast Leavening effect in micro gravity was that we were going to use 1 tube with one clamp with yeast on one side and sugar water on the other side. Our goal was to see how yeast grows, expands and grows bigger or smaller in space compared to here on earth. Sugar water is needed rather than normal water as sugar water is what makes yeast grow. Our first steps are going to Unclamp the two mixtures and shake gently for 5 seconds, after leave alone on the I.S.S for 14 days. Once the 14 days have ended, collect the data from the tube and send the results, once results are done we will see how they did in microgravity compared to down on earth.