Class Projects

Drafting projects:

This Nature Collage was my first ever project! I managed to work in a group of 5-6 and make a little environment, I had used a couple different machines and techniques on my part to add some of the most important things needed in a environments. I had used the laser-cutter to make the trees, I had cut two parts out of the middle of the tree one on the top and the bottom so they would make a more 3rd look rather than a 2d look. I had used some paint and some tools from the Tech-Ed shop to make it look all pretty and to make sure it wasn’t rough.

Pictures of Nature Collage:

My second project which was close to this December was a Decorate a Door challenge which consisted of people working together or by yourself to make the best door for the challenge. I had worked in a massive group which consisted of Grade 9’s and some Grade 12’s, Me and my group of Grade 9’s. We had made the supplying area to the sled of the Santa sleigh which was sorta like a transporting bay. Luckily at the end we won with the best door, thankfully to our group of a bunch of grade 9’s working on the other doors so they combined to look like one whole little area.

Pictures of Decorate the Door:

For my 3rd and last project before the Spring break halted my working. I had made a Capitals logo which now looks a lot different and was supposed to be a keychain. It’s finished project is already finished and it consisted of a Capitals logo in the middle, a circle around the whole logo, and curved letters around the head and tail of the logo saying,” CAPITALS FOR LIFE “. With also a little key hole to add it to your desired bag or anything. By far that was the most fun to make, but also cause it was a amazing first step with making something so cool to look at and to realize that you made it.

Picture of beta Capitals-Keychain:

This project I had made sorta close to the start of the year, around October-November. I had made a ring in Tech ed class, I found this one out of all the projects I have made within STEAM and all my projects as a whole the most time consuming and most to sweat over. Although the finished project was amazing to look at, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a actual picture of the ring as it got lost some place, although this picture down below shows a reference on what it would have looked like if I had the actual pictures of the ring.

Pictures of the Ring: