1) Favourite Quote: 

after all, life goes on.  via (Quotes ‘nd  Notes) 

The reasoning for this being my favourite quote is because it’s so simple and means so much. We do things everyday that we regret and at some point it all ends up being in our past. Life keeps going and you got to keep moving forward. I will always remember this quote and think about it when I’m not feeling the best about myself. 

2) Favourite Video:

The reasoning for this being my favourite video is because it states and shows everything I’ve always wanted to say about school. Teachers have enough time to teach us everything we “need” to be taught. Meaning there’s no need for homework. School is the most stressful thing in my life and adding homework to that makes me want to completely drop everything. I NEED time to spend with my family and participate in my extracurricular activities. The amount of work students get is unbelievable and we don’t even remember half the stuff we get taught. Is the information that gets put into our brains even going to be useful in the future? I would really appreciate it if teachers and the government took the time to watch this video and really think about the choices they make. 

3) Add a Picture: 

Meaningful Picture- 

This picture is meaningful to me because it’s a picture of my mom and I. Without my mom I wouldn’t be where I am now, and I really appreciate everything thing she does for me. This photo was taken of us when we were skiing which is one of our favourite things to do together. 

Powerful Picture- 

This picture is very powerful in my opinion because it shows how careless people are now a days. This image shows exactly what people do, they record whatever incident is happening and don’t get any help which has led to many deaths. 

4) Add a Hyperlink:


This website is meaningful to me because it’s a website where you can help women in need. You can donate money to this website or personally go into the building and donate anything of yours that isn’t being used anymore.