Reflection for English

English 9

Ms. Li

1. List of ALL the functional procedures you used in this class?

So far in English I’ve used  grammar flip to improve my writing skills and fresh grade to view my overall mark for the class. I use my computer basically everyday to search things up on google, send stuff to the teacher and to complete my assignments. I haven’t had to use the school website for anything yet but I do use Office 365. There’s been no need for me to upload or download anything but we did have to send the teacher our election videos and she uploaded them to YouTube.

2. Describe one digital tool or resource you found useful in this class. How did you use it and why was it useful?

The only digital tool I’ve used in English so far is an online thesaurus. I like to use it when I’m writing stories or essays  because it can find me more

descriptive and better words to use for my sentences. Using a thesaurus is very helpful, I use it quite often when writing and it makes it sound a lot better.
3. Describe a tool, app, or resource you are hoping to use in the future. What would you use it for?
I don’t know the names of any apps that do this but I would like to use a website that teaches us about housing, taxes, bills, etc… I would like to know more about this stuff because it’s very important for my future and even for right now.