Reflection 3 Due March 4th (Change This Name!)

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Course Name: French 11

Course Teacher: Mrs. Todd

I use a search engine when we play kahoot or play any other vocabulary plactice game.

when i have to contact Mrs.Todd i use the school website to access her e-mail.

i havent had to upload or download for any subjects yet.

when we are doing a quiz online i had to send a link back to my teacher so se was able to see my mark.

Ive never had to embed a video or link to an application for any of my classes yet.

I scan documents when we are doing a survey.

when i have to do work online at home and im not able to read the Ive never sent an IQ code.

When i do work online on a word document whenn i send it on teams i have to use a cloud on Office 365.

At school i use my phone for research and my lap top to do work on.

i send adn respond to emails all the time to i have a question or when i am comunicating with classmates or Mrs.Todd

i havent had to  cut or paste yet for french.

a useful tool is my lap top.

i use Kahoot alot when im in french.

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