Student Spaceflight Experiments Project

This is the ssep proposal for me and luca.s project

The project is does bone density rate DECREASES in space

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They are going to do experiment on testing bone density in space because when people go to space, they lose bone density which will increase the risk of fractures in injuries that could belife-threatening in the future. And it is important that the astronauts have a healthy body so they can explore the universe while still being healthy. when astronauts go to space, they can find ways to do stop bone density from going down to prevent injuries. It is important to have high bone density because it structures your body, and it is especially important in space because there is no gravity in space. And when they go to earth, they struggle walking so when we test it will hopefully open eyes to a solution to help with this problem. bone density is also important for the strength of your body by obtaining nutrients and minerals and it’s important because if you don’t have any bone density then you will break the bones in the body really easily. And that is why we picked bone density for the project.