Class Projects

These are my class projects


Here’s a description of every project we did in drafting.

Nature collage:

So what I did was I made a sign on the cc router that said subalpine forest with all of our names on it.

Salmon Project

So for this project, I made a sign on the cc router that said reduce reuse recycle and it has a little Mr. beast Easter egg in there.

The energy project

So what we did is that we 3d printed a wind turbid I did the fans and the stand.


I am trying to make

So here is a video on all of my projects:

a 3d printed mechanical keyboard.

(I only have pictures for 1 project because I didn’t take pictures of them sorry)

Minecraft City

So I made a Minecraft city and the main purpose of the project is the it was to make a sustainable city in Minecraft with a reusable energy.

Here are some pictures

So here is our main compound it is suppose to be a mars colony with inside a lobby, a train station and a resources.


And the rest of the world is just a place for homes, a handout place, a energy resource.

and here is my 3 drawings


The one on the right is the one point the one on the middle is the two and the one on the left is the three point.