Passion Project

I am Making a Mechanical keyboard from a 3d printer (well not all of it)


So I’m doing pretty good but I do think that’s going to change in a few months because I have not printed any of the parts yet and inventor is kind of trash because I can’t do some of the thing that I want for my keycaps. so I’m considering buying them because I’m just done with it not working and it might not make it work because I don’t think that I can get a pcb within 1 month of shipping. but so far it is ok for now.

These are the films and the stabs of the keyboard. films are the things to hold the stabs.

So this is the keycap I want to make a curve on the top but it won’t allow me. that’s why I’m getting frustrated at this program.


I can’t really print anything at the moment and its the last class so I don’t think I have anything to show in real life.

So here is the things I was going to print



And Here’s the rest since I cant open them

The Rows are the rows in which keycap goes to.

And the numbers are the measurements. (In units)