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1. Who am I/Who are you? Describe yourself.

I am an athlete, a daughter, and a student. I started playing sports when I was 7 years old. I’ve been playing ringette and field hockey for 8 years. I love training and being active. Sports is also a way for me to feel less stressed about things that are happening in my life. I love being on a team so I can win as a team and lose as a team. I hope one day I can get a scholarship from field hockey so I can still play high level field hockey and also go to school and learn so I can get a career. I live in a family of five. I live with my dad, mom, two younger sisters, and many fish. My house is very crowded and we are all very close. My family is very involved in sports, exercising, and training. My two younger sisters play ringette and softball, my mom trains, and we all love biking, hiking, and walking. We are a very athletic family. I have been going to school for 12 years. I am now in high school and I love learning and experiencing new subject, units, and places. I am in a school that has many clubs and sports, and academic programs. I love that  my schools have so many opportunities to learn and grow.


2. What is important to you?

To me my sports are very important to me. I love playing sports and training. I am on 2 high level teams ringette and field hockey. Ringette is my favourite sport in the whole world and I love every moment I am on the ice. I have been playing for 8 years and have a played on a rep team for 3 consecutive years. I am now a coach in and ref in ringette. I have been coaching since I was 10 years old for 5 years and love helping out younger teams in my association. I have been playing field hockey for 8 years. I started playing field hockey when my first ringette season ended, I loved the sport and kept playing ever since. I made a rep team for field hockey this year and love playing on it with new teammates and coaches. I love playing both sports and I hope to keep playing them for as long as possible.


3. What or who inspires you?

My sports, coach, family, friend, and school. Sports have taught me how to play fair and the consequents of not playing fair. My coaches have taught me how to work hard for what I want. For example, in order to become better I need to train lots. Getting stronger does not come easily and in order to achieve your goal you need to work for that and earn what I work for. Nothing is given to you no matter what. My friends have taught me how to have fun and be more open. My friends have shown me that it is okay to have a break sometimes from school and work. They taught me how to be more open and less shy. My school has taught me lots but most importantly they have taught me life lessons and how to achieve my dream career. All of these things have been apart of my life for almost all my life. I have learned and grown to become a better person because of all these people, places, and sports.


4. What is STEAM to you?

STEAM to me is academic program at my high school. They encourage and teach science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. My teachers try to incorporate each subject when teaching one of them. I get to learn and experience new things out of school when we go on field trips like the lagoon, Hyde Creek, canoeing, and SFU. I like how I get to learn a subject for a whole school year because it makes it easier for me to not forget the unit I learned 9 months ago. This to me is what I think STEAM is.


5. Why did you choose to join STEAM?

I chose to join STEAM to express my creativity and expand my knowledge. I love experimenting in science and drafting. For example, when we did elephant tooth paste, our mini expo fair project, and sticker making. I love building and creating dioramas, 3D modules of prototypes, and worlds in Minecraft. All of these things make me happy and I enjoy doing them. STEAM a program I look forward to doing throughout my week.

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