My Drafting Work


Perspective Drawings

These are my perspective drawings on the inside of a house and the exterior of buildings. The process of making these drawings are very long and very precise, but when you finish it looks outstanding and very accurate.

One Point Perspective   Two Point Perspective   Three Point Perspective



Isometric Drawings

I made isometric drawings using this paper to create 3D shapes and letters. My favourite part of this drawing is the butterfly I made by myself without help. This type of drawing is very hard to achieve and can be challenging at times, once you understand the concept of the drawing, it gets easier and more fun.

Drawing 1                         Drawing 2                         Drawing 3




I made this Maze on my computer using AutoCad. I based this maze off the Blakeburn Lagoon. I added a bird and snail so it could be related to the lagoon. I added my initials so it could stand out and so it could be related to me.

Maze & Maze Course Path




Single Colour Sticker

​​I created this because I love lightning and the colour yellow fits the creation. 

Lightning Bolt Sticker


Double Colour Sticker

I created this because I love Disney and Stitch. Stich is my favourite Disney character, so I wanted to make a sticker base on Disney and my favourite character.

Stitch Sticker


My Logo Sticker

This is the logo I made and created. It represents the planet Saturn because I love astronomy. The stars around the planet represent that it is the sixth planet in our solar system.

Teal                                       Turquoise                            Silver


My Creation Part 1

I created this moon design because I love Astronomy and Astrology. I love stars and constellations. This design reminds me of the things I love.

Black                                       Bronze                                    Teal


My Creation Part 2

I made these planets because they are great for my water bottle and any wear else. I love Saturn so this was perfect for customizing my stuff.

Silver                                                                                                                       Teal



Lazer Cutter

Representing Canada Lazer Tag

This a Lazer tag of an animal that represents Canada. I choose the bald eagle because they are very rare but native to Canda. When I see one it is always so exciting to see an animal that is very important to our environment and habitat.

Bald Eagle


My Logo Lazer Tag

I made my logo into a Lazer tag using the Lazer cutter. I made the shape of the Lazer tag more unique by adding more side than usual. I am very satisfied with the results and how detail the little parts turned out. 

My Logo


Representing Canada & Logo Lazer Tag

This is my Lazer tag with the bald eagle on one side and my loge that I created on the other.

Bald Eagle                                                                                            My Logo


Christmas Charm & Christmas Lazer Tag

This is a Santa hat charm for ornaments, key chains, necklaces, and bracelets. The other piece is also a charm but mostly just for display.

Santa Hat Charm


Candian Coin

This is the coin I made with the Lazer cutter. I chose to make a Canadian quarter because it has a caribou on it, and I feel it is the perfect size for a coin. I added lots of detail to this and made sure to make it as realistic as possible.

Caribou                                                                                         Queen Elizabeth


Christmas Presents

These are Christmas gift I made with the Lazer cutter. I made a Miami Dolphin magnet, a double heart necklace, and a Tigger keychain. I use the Lazer cutter to engrave the design than drilled a hole for the necklace and keychain, I then added a string, and chain. For the magnet I hot glued a magnet on the back of it giving the ability to stay on the fridge.  

Miami Dolphin Magnet      Double Heart Necklace      Tigger Key Chain




This is my groups boat that we made of cardboard, duct tape, and packing tape. We made our boat into a rectangular design. My group made it across, but the shape did not hold once it was in the water. This was a very fun project to participate in and hope to do more like this in the future.

My Boat




This is a layout and final project of my group’s apartment. We are making an apartment to add to the rest of the tower. We have worked together to create our dream apartment. My group decided to make our furniture out of cardboard instead of 3D printing it. We have 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, discovery room, shower room, bathroom, and office. We painted our apartment to have the theme of the Milkyway Galaxy. am very proud of our hard work and dedication when making this project, and I can’t wait to show it off at the STEAM Fair.

Final STEAM Tower                                                  


STEAM Tower Digital Model




This is the windmill I made with the 3D printer. The project was to make the windmill with a partner and you each design a prototype of a windmill on Inventor than print one of the designs on Cura. My partner and I decided to go with my design. On my design I made the wing of the windmill more arrow dynamic so it can cut throw the air better. I when the windmill with finished printing we tested to determine the voltage and current.   

Testing Windmill                                              3D Printed Windmill