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Dear Fellow Readers…

Welcome to Alexis’s Blog. The name is Alexis H, and no I am not going to tell you my last name as that is personal as well as my Birthday… But! I would love to tell you a bit about myself. Hope you enjoy!

I am a freshman attending Terry Fox Secondary (TFS) as you may know it’s named after the Famous Canadian Hero Terry Fox who himself as attended this school.  Of course, school can be dreadful at times especially dealing with homework… though I’ve encountered many compelling experiences of joining a Program (STEAM), a club (LEO CLUB), teachers, and new friends. The program has allowed me adventure out with using my creativity in using and experimenting with new software, materials and tools along the way.

During my free time or as a hobby I enjoy writing stories, journaling, reading and listening to music as well hangout with friends. Have a keen interest in Criminology and Psychology, listening to podcast based on true crime. Wanting to study abroad and learn about it as a future career path when I’m older, that going along with traveling to places around the world. And very addicted to watching and listening to ghost stories that being ” Ghost Adventures”. I’m a foodie so I love trying all kinds of food cuisine. That goes along with cooking food and testing out my skills in the kitchen. A Cat lover. Love cats a lot. I’m very lazy and clumsy yet goofy at times especially at school around friends. I love hanging out and meeting new people around me. 

What is STEAM?

STEAM is a full year new program that began in 2021 starting on the first day of school that consist of five classes -Science, Tech Ed, Arts, and Math. That allows students an experience opportunity in expanding their ideas of work through designing and testing with machines and tools that’s required in this program. As well learn new skills and techniques that’s taught throughout lessons and projects.

I chose to explore STEAM to have a proper experience in working habits and skills that’s required in daily high school learning. And to build confidence of using new techniques and tools to present in projects or assignments. As well to test my leadership

 and social skills on carrying out a project with perseverance of teamwork with classmates. As well be able to upgrade my creativity and workmanship skills within throughout the program year.

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