Class Projects

STEAM Class Projects

Drafting/Science/Tech Ed/Math

 Drafting & Tech Ed↴

Throughout the 1st semester in STEAM, we began with working on that involved expanding our workmanship and creativity of learning new skills and experiences. The first project that had lasted two months in a making was the Nature collage. Nature collage consist of choosing a certain environment like marshlands, ocean, forest, or woods. And in that certain area we needed to research on how to help ,what affects the animals as well its surroundings, and information about the area. I was in a group called the Power Rangers of five people. We chose to based our nature collage on the marshlands.

                           Nature Collage

 This project was a one and a half week sprint using many different types of machinery and materials to construct the collage that includes 3-d printing, cutting wood, and more. In the end the project presentation was a Success! And that we won the Contest for the best Nature collage as it was neatly displayed the attributes and meaning of nature.



In Drafting we’ve been working on making a sustainable city in Minecraft for nearly two months.

                Example of a European City

Using our creativity we would have to make our city habitual, building all kinds of stuff. But we must have a few certain resources to help support the city such as green houses, forests, farms, etc. I’m in a group two people. We’ve been working on this project for a month slowly making enough progress. Our theme is old European medieval style mixed with modern London, England. Named Duskville. Lately we’ve worked on bridge’s, parking lots, trails, highways and roads. Right now we’re starting on building an amusement park and buildings likely working our way through. I’m excited to see the final results of the city once it’s done.


In Tech-Ed we’ve been working on a big project that includes three assignments in one. A telegraph( wood, wires, nails, and metals), a wood frame (a metal picture drawing and picture frame), and a checkerboard (wood). This project lasted at least 3-months as working on these at different times and the use of machines was not much available was quiet difficult.


But able to get them done. It was enjoyable with experiencing with different tools.