Passion Project


→Sweets, Pastries, Drinks, Desserts…

Owner: A.H -Only Location: Port Coquitlum Center

•Description of Cookie♥Tea:

Cookie♥Tea is a small workshop café that pops all around area’s in Bc, can be found in malls, individual pop up stores and festival markets in downtown to Richmond. Our main store is located at Port Coquitlum Centre on the second floor beside Starbucks.

In Store we sell Sweets, Pastries, Drinks, Desserts such as chocolate bars, macarons, crepes, cake, cake rolls, cookies, and also provide lunch: Sandwich’s, croquets along with drinks: Tea, water, Caffeine. During holiday seasons we have seasonal menu items based on the four seasons autumn, winter, spring, summer holidays giving discounts on holiday week for 5% discount and tax.

If you visit our store we have a small section of of merchandise selling mugs, utensil holders, stickers, tote bags, cups, and keychains ranging from 5-15 dollars. Our stores mascot is a black cat named Cookie ( I really luv cookies they are so yummy 😉 who wears a dark grey bow tie with our signature logo TC in cursive at the front in bold black.

I chose this mascot because I ♥ Cats they are so cute and though it looked elegant and fitting to the café aesthetic of dark shade colors for the original but for seasons the logo of the cat changes to fit the season like winter the cat is dressed up wearing a Santa hat holding a gift box representing Christmas season going along the menu.



•Machines ℘ Software’s:

◊Embroidery :

Using the embroidery machine I made the embroidery of the cafe’s cat with bow logo using only two colors of black and grey. It was quite difficult of making this as it took me 2 hours to figure out the system/machine with help though the thread was hard to deal with. But in the end it turned out perfect nice and clean.


For designing this software Inkscape i was able to make the logo of the café as it was easier than drawing it on paper by doing so I copy and pasted images from online to Inkscape, autotracing the images then editing it to being designing the images together.