Drafting Portfolio

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By: Alexis H.

•Drafting Mini Projects:


♥The bookmarks I made would be my most favorable because they look adorable turning out exactly how I wanted it to be from the images I saved from Pinterest that the photos’ are based off a Japanese game call Twisted Wonderland that is the alternate universe of villains academy like harry potter Hogwarts.



◊Puzzle Piece:

The puzzle pieces is a jigsaw puzzle template I found online that is a 25×25 length and width along with the amount of pieces by that I used the laser cutter machine to laser cut it out of Plexi glass which took 38 min and 14 seconds. The final result came out to be interesting as the laser cut it between the connecting pieces therefore making an outline of it making the pieces to be loose in the end though it looks good.


◊Plexi Glass Rose:

♥Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the finished product as i am still working on it. So, the rose petals was laser cut out of Plexi glass and the plan is to use a heater machine to flatten it to shape it into a rose connecting it to a wooden stick firstly drilling a hole in the center and using hot glue  to make the final product in Tech-Ed.

◊ Point View:

  • Point view Perspective drawings from different views of buildings or objects.